Why do I need a Heyrex™ 2.0 for my dog?

Why do I need a Heyrex™ 2.0 for my dog?

Your dog can’t talk, but they’re communicating constantly. Every lick, scratch, slump and snooze means something....and Heyrex™ 2.0 will translate it all for you!

It’s designed to keep your dog happier and healthier. Here’s how:

You’ll stay up-to-date with your dog’s well-being.

When life gets busy, sometimes our pet’s well-being can fly under the radar. Even the most devoted pet parents can miss the subtle signs. Perhaps you’ve had a busy week and hadn’t noticed your dog licking their skin, scratching excessively, or being restless overnight. With Heyrex automatic notifications, you’ll never miss a thing.

You’ll reach their optimal weight & fitness

If you’ve ever used a human fitness device, you know how useful it is for tracking your progress. Heyrex is the same – it will help your dog smash their weight and fitness goals! (We’ll even provide extra motivation with Wago points and rewards).

Our clever veterinary algorithms automatically create a personalized exercise plan for your dog; based on their breed, age and weight. You’ll know exactly how much exercise your dog needs, how they’re tracking each day (week, and month). 

Share accurate data with your vet

Sharing the data from your dog’s Heyrex monitor will be super-useful to your vet.

Heyrex can help them to diagnose issues – for instance, they’ll know exactly how long the scratching has persisted, or when your dog became less mobile (due to a developing injury).  It can also help them monitor the effects of treatments and medications; and check your dog’s progress after a surgery. 

Know (for sure) how your dog is changing

How often have you said things like: “I think my dog is scratching a lot more this summer” or “I’m sure my dog is getting more exercise now, but s/she’s not losing weight.” With Heyrex, you’ll know for sure. The app shows weekly, monthly and annual summaries, so you can make accurate comparisons.

Know your dog’s location at all times

Having your best friend go missing is something you never want to experience. With Heyrex, you can locate your missing dog immediately – wherever you are. And with accurate GPS capability, you can also track their movements when they’re out with the dog-walker, or having fun at doggy daycare.

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