What is Heyrex™?

What is Heyrex™?

Heyrex™ 2.0 is a monitor that fits to your dog’s regular collar. It connects to our Heyrex app that builds a profile of your dog’s health and well-being.

Heyrex™ 2.0 uses Wi-Fi and cellular technology to transit that data from collar to receiver – and sends you automatic notifications when behaviour change, improves, or indicates a health problem. It also has a GPS locator and “find my pet” mode.

How the data works:

The Heyrex™ 2.0 monitor collates data related to your dog’s behaviour: everything from exercise levels, scratching, sleep quality and a host of other behavioural or health issues. 

Because its algorithms have been designed by veterinarians, Heyrex filters all this data and delivers you the ‘need-to-know’ updates. In other words, it translates everything that’s important to your dog’s health and well-being. (Yes, it’s seriously smart).

Heyrex also provides weekly and monthly summaries in user-friendly graphs that are easy to interpret. There’s even a diary function where you can record key milestones in your dog’s life, and get reminders of their ‘doggy diary’ appointments. 

Heyrex™ 2.0 is totally safe, ergonomically designed, waterproof and durable. Your dog won’t even notice it’s there. It takes just minutes to set up and doesn’t need charging.

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