Creating lifelong healthy habits with Heyrex™ 2.0

Creating lifelong healthy habits with Heyrex™ 2.0

It’s never too early – or too late – for your dog to start using Heyrex™ 2.0. You’ll both see the benefits straight away.

The veterinary team behind Heyrex have identified 20 common life-stage issues it can help with. 

Puppies often suffer from separation anxiety, issues with crate training and bedtime. They can suffer from fleas, mites and worms (causing itching). It’s important to ensure adequate exercise, without overdoing it. Heyrex will also monitor what your puppy gets up to when you’re not there.

Adult dogs can have issues around weight, lameness, exercise tolerance, allergies, infections and parasites, stress and sleep.

Geriatric dogs have more age-related issues such as disease, arthritis and joint issues, canine dementia, treatment and treatment response, and day-to-day changes in behaviour. Heyrex can also assess and monitor the ‘good days’ from the others.

All dogs – at any stage of life – can undergo small or subtle changes that often go unnoticed. Heyrex will track all this for you, and notify you of any changes, from one month or year to the next. So you’re able to diagnose and treat any issues early, rather than thinking “if only we’d noticed this earlier.” Preventative care is the key to lifelong health and happiness.
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