What does Heyrex monitor?

Heyrex measures activity levels, mobility, scratching, temperature, resting patterns and sleep disturbances. This information helps to identify a range of behavioural and health issues – from fleas and allergies, to lameness or separation anxiety.

Heyrex provides 24/7 monitoring, and will notify you if there’s an important change. So you’ll always know how your dog is doing, whether you’re with them or not.

How does Heyrex show me this information?

You simply log in to the Heyrex app via your smartphone or other device.

The Heyrex system analyses data collected from the monitor in real time. It then presents that information in easily digestible infographics, so you can see any changes as they happen. 

How is Heyrex different to other dog tracking products?

There are two big differences – that’s what makes Heyrex so exciting!

Firstly, it’s the first device in the world to combine health and fitness monitoring with a GPS “find my pet” locator. (Giving you way more bark for your buck).

Secondly, Heyrex was designed by veterinarians to provide high-quality health data for dogs. There’s some incredible science behind it. We use sophisticated AI technology and algorithms to present this data in an easy-to-use way.

Has Heyrex been tried and tested?

Heyrex has undergone several years of testing. The original version of Heyrex has been trusted for global veterinary projects, including:

  • A presentation to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Conference in 2011.  
  • The monitoring of post-operative recovery, skin treatments and behavior in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Specialist canine projects at the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in New Zealand; and the Waltham Petcare Science Institute in the UK. 

Heyrex 2.0 is the next-generation version. We’ve taken the same technology with its high-quality veterinary data, and made it easy-to-use for pet parents. 

Heyrex 2.0 has been tested ‘in the field’ by dozens of pet-parents in New Zealand.

How does the connectivity work?

It’s a mix of wifi (for the health monitoring) and satellite (for the GPS locator).

If your dog is in an area without cellular coverage, the Heyrex collar device will continue to monitor your dog’s activity, and the data will update once they come within range again.

How do I buy a Heyrex?

Your lucky pup will be one of the first in the world to own a Heyrex 2.0!

The first release is available early 2024, in New Zealand and Australia only. There are strictly limited stocks. 

We will announce the roll-out to other countries soon. Subscribe to our email list (at the footer of our homepage) to get the latest updates.

What does it cost?

The Heyrex device costs $175 NZD. 

The Heyrex app is downloaded for free from the app store, and there is a subscription to use the app. This starts from $11.50 NZD per month. 

That’s less than 40 cents a day for you and your dog to receive all the benefits of your own Heyrex.

Is Heyrex easy to use? And is there support available?

Yes, and yes! 

Your purchase includes a QuickStart Guide to using your Heyrex.

You’ll find it easy to use. But if you ever have a question, or need help, the team at Heyrex are always available. Just drop us an email to info@heyrex.com.

What are Wago points?

Just by using your Heyrex, you can earn freebies and exclusive discounts. You and your dog will get rewarded with Wago points when you hit your health and well-being milestones! 

You’ll be able to redeem your Wago points on things like dog foods, pet insurance and more.