The story behind Heyrex

Every lick, scratch, and sip tells a story

We teamed up with data scientists, vets, and pet care pros to create personalized health monitoring products and services to reveal the full story of our pets’ health.

The science behind Heyrex

A world of scientific research goes into every Heyrex2 smart device.

Heyrex industry-leading AI is powered by over 10 years of research and data analysis using a team of vets and data scientists. They’ve collected studied the health data of 1000’s of dogs, paired with research from international Pet Hospitals to understand exactly what different behaviour’s mean for dogs’ health and wellbeing.

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Our user-friendly app simplifies the science.

Heyrex smart devices collect millions of data points from your dog’s activity and behavior. All this info is then sent to the Heyrex app where it gets translated into daily health insights. So you can easily get a clear picture of your pet’s health. 

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We innovate so you can uncover better ways to care.

Our team continuously improves our AI so you can discover the most precise, personalised ways to care for your pup. You’ll know when they’re doing well and get alerts as soon as a potential health concern arises. And when you’re not sure how to solve a health problem on your own, you can share all the information directly with your vet.

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