About the Heyrex™ Network Connectivity Plan

Heyrex™ network connectivity plan is required for all Heyrex devices. This enables the Heyrex device to communicate to the Heyrex App without the need of an ongoing Wi-Fi connection.

Allowing you to stay up to date with your dog's behaviours, wellbeing and location, no matter where they are.

Plan Cost (New Zealand coverage)

  • Annually (Cheapest)

    NZD $9.17 per month

    NZD $110.00 per year

    Save NZD $69.40 per year

  • Quarterly

    NZD $11.00 per month

    NZD $33.00 every 3 months

    Save NZD $47.40 per year

  • Monthly

    NZD $14.95 per month

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