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You’ll never guess in a million years

14-May-blog-Photo.jpgYou’ll never guess in a million years what Mum received by email a wee while ago. It was an email from a girl in Austin, Texas. And she found my website on the inter-web-thingie. And she has a boy and a girl dog. And their names are Hugo and Harriett. Can you believe it?  A Hugo and Harriett on the other side of the world. They look really nice and friendly as well. We’ve swapped photos of each other and now their Mum is my Facebook friend so we get to share stuff with each other. I’m just too excited.

And you know what else has happened? I bet Hugo in the pooh rolling competition. Yay, yay, yay!

You see, one of the paddocks where we live is a little bit like a hill, and when Mum takes me and Hugo out for poohs and wees, we usually walk up the hill. And then when we get to the top, we both do poohs and run to the bottom of the hill to see whose will get there the fastest. And Hugo always wins, no matter how hard I try to pooh faster than him. Mum said it’s because his poohs are heavier than mine so gather more speed. What? That makes no sense at all. So you see, one day I just raced up the hill as fast as my little legs would go, did poohs super quick and then raced to the bottom of the hill and waited. And sure enough, mine was the first to arrive. Hugo said I cheated because I didn’t wait for him to get to the top of the hill, but I think a win is a win. 

And speaking of Hugo, Mum is really worried about him. You see his Heyrex Activity Monitor keeps telling Mum that he’s having restless nights, and during the day he’s lost some of his spark. She thought at first that maybe it was the kittens Ramona and Sunset Sam annoying him at night and that made him tired during the day, so she got them to sleep in a different room, but nah – the same restless thing happened. So she took him to see Steve the vet (cause our normal vet Peta was busy) and he found out that Hugo’s front right leg was really sore, like sore enough that Hugo cried when Steve touched it.  So Steve gave Hugo some pills, but he’s still having restless nights. So Mum said she’s going to keep a close eye on him to see if he gets his spark back. I quite like it when he has less spark, because he’s not so annoying. Don’t tell Mum I said that though.

I’ve attached a photo of me and Ramona having a snooze on the couch. She’s such a funny cat, and kind too. She brings me and Hugo mice all the time to play with. I love her for that, so I don’t mind if she wants to use me for a pillow.

Anyway, I better go. It’s time to boil the rice for dinner. Boiling rice is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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