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Wow - the year is just flying along isn't it!

Wow - the year is just flying along isn't it! The new year felt like yesterday, but already we are halfway through February. Heyrex continues to be so useful for ensuring Choco's activity is kept up. Choco is continuing to do very well with his diet and has lost another 300 - 400g since the last blog. Not only that - but I am also finding my own activity increasing as a result of being more aware of ensuring Choco gets sufficient daily exercise. In fact, I now have my very own activity monitor to keep a track of my activity as well! There have been several papers published over the last few years about the benefits of dog ownership, and notably the benefits in particular of walking and exercising a dog - both from the dog's point of view and from the owner's point of you. What better way to make sure you and your furry companion stay fit and healthy. The activity readings provided by Heyrex really are invaluable and particularly for Choco who managed to put some excessive weight on towards the end of last year.

heyrexchoco.jpgIn the last couple of weeks Choco has also been overdue for a groom. This, in combination with the sticky Auckland weather, has meant he has had a dramatic increase in scratching as well (as shown in the graph). I was away for a week during this time, however I got 3 very helpful notifications in my email from the Heyrex team letting me know about the increases in Choco's scratching. As a result, as soon as I got back, I carefully checked him for fleas, rashes and checked his anal glands again (lucky me - what a job) - all of which were ok. Just looking at him however, it was pretty clear his big, brown curly mop was the cause of his discomfort! Off to the groomers he goes.

Choco continues to near his target weight. He has done very well thus far and I will of course ensure this continues.

Until next time.

Choco and Mark

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