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Winter is well and truly kicking in now

Winter is well and truly kicking in now, with our first real frost here in Auckland, New Zealand just a week or two ago. I have been vigilantly continuing to walk Choco on a daily basis despite the shorter days and colder weather. While we tough it out on the cold streets of Auckland each evening getting our exercise together, we are seeing far less dogs (and people for that matter), getting out and getting active. It is so important to continue to keep your dogs active during the colder months, as often this the time of year when weight gain is most likely to occur (and I’m sure this must be the case for us humans as well!).

You will see below that Choco’s activity (the green) during May stayed pretty much the same other than a few peaks during the weekends where I took him for longer walks. Also notice Choco’s scratching dramatically reduce from the 17th May as his ear problem and ongoing anal gland issues were sorted. He has been good for the last 3 weeks now which is excellent for both of us!


Choco is being upgraded to a slightly newer version of this monitoring service called HeyrexVet. Being a Veterinarian, I will be able to log in to the Veterinary side of the website to see first hand the data that is gained and collected via this new service. Stay tuned for an update on this next time!

Talk soon,

Mark & Choco

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