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Well, guess what? I had a birthday.

7-June-Blog-Photo.jpgHey everyone, it’s me Harriett

Well, guess what? I had a birthday. I had forgotten all about it. But when Mum and Dad got us out of bed they were singing the Happy Birthday song to me. And now I’m six years old.

I love birthdays, you get extra food and presents and lots of extra attention. My favourite present is empty toilet rolls and I was hoping I would get one again. I held my breath the whole time I was walking up the hallway. And sure enough, there was one waiting for me in the kitchen. Except this one was a bit different. When I started chewing it, there were all sorts of extra things inside. There were Schmackos, and liver treats, and chewy biscuits. Oh, my oh my – I was in heaven. Mum had a present for Hugo as well. Even though it wasn’t his birthday. At first, that annoyed me a little bit, until Mum reminded me that I always get a little treat when it’s Hugo’s birthday. So fair is fair I suppose.

And then another surprise, Mum’s going to make me a new collar, a special birthday collar. She said she wanted me to pick out the fabric so I could get exactly what I wanted, but she didn’t want to ask me before my birthday because she wanted it to be a surprise. And she has so much fabric to choose from, I felt like I had been let into a paddock of chickens to chase. It was so much fun. I jumped around in circles and barked out loud, everyone was laughing at me, but I was so happy I didn’t mind. Because I know they were laughing because I was just so happy.

Hugo’s sore nose is getting better. Heyrex is showing Mum that Hugo is sleeping much better at night. That’s a relief. Because when he has a restless night, he wakes me up too.

Here’s a photo of me trying to decide what fabric I wanted to use for my collar. It was so exhausting trying to decide, that I took a nap right on that fabric. Mum didn’t mind at all.

Anyway, I’d better go now. It’s raining and cold and the wood needs to be brought in so we can light the fire. Lighting the fire is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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