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Time is ticking by pretty quickly

Well time is ticking by pretty quickly, and winter is fast approaching here in New Zealand. Given the cooler temperatures and shorter days, it can often be quite difficult motivating yourself to continue to take your dog out for daily exercise. It is however, so important to continue to exercise your furry companion all months of the year, no matter what the weather is doing. Choco isn’t a huge fan of wet weather! In fact, in many cases I have to really drag him out the front door on to the wet pavement to convince him to start moving. Many owners aren’t prepared to continue to exercise their dogs in bad weather, or even just cold weather. As such, it isn’t uncommon for me, as a Veterinarian, to notice that clients’ dogs tend to put on a bit of weight over the cooler winter months. Unfortunately, a lot of the time this weight isn’t lost again over summer, meaning that year upon year these dogs slowly just continue to increase in weight!  

Weight gain isn’t too difficult to understand. Ultimately if the energy input (ie the amount and type of food your dog gets) is higher than the energy output (ie the amount and type of exercise your dog gets), then a dog will put on weight. In winter, we commonly exercise our dogs less, meaning energy output is lower than usual, and often this means there is more energy in that energy out – which means weight gain! 

I will definitely continue to exercise Choco daily. If this means we wrap up warm one day, and put our rain coats on the next – we will. I encourage you all to do the same with your dogs!

In other news, Choco’s ears have settled right back down to normal and he is no longer scratching! Thanks to the Heyrex graphs, I continue to carefully monitor Choco’s activity, scratching and rest. 

See you all next time,

Mark & Choco

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