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Sometimes when I get really excited

Hey everyone, it's me, Harriett

Sometimes when I get really excited or laugh too much I have snot drops come out my nose.  I don't mean for them to come out, they just do. So the other day when Mum came home from the shop early, me and Hugo were so excited to see her. I mean, I was really super excited. So excited that snot drops came out my nose just as Mum was giving me a big hug and they went in her mouth.

Yep. In her mouth. She was really grossed out. For a little minute I thought she might be sick. Me and Hugo laughed and laughed, and even though Mum was gagging and stuff, she had laughing eyes, so I knew she was OK. Mum ran outside and spat into the garden, that was really funny too. Mum spitting in the garden is like really really funny. She's all good though, she ate her dinner like normal so snot drops must be OK for humans.

You know how Hugo was scratching lots last time. Well, we took him to see our vet Peta, she gave him some pills and his scratching seems to have stopped. He was getting really annoying, so I'm really happy he's not Sir Scratchalot anymore. And I think the peeps at Heyrex are happy too, ‘cause they haven’t sent Mum any emails about restless nights for ages. They must be really happy to get a break. And then the other day it was my turn to go see Peta. I'm not sick or anything like that, it was for my yearly jabs. One of the things I have to get is squirted up my nose and I really hate it. So this time I held my breath so it wouldn't work. They even had to get Candace the vet nurse to help hold me, but I still held my breath. Peta said that it's because I'm so intelligent that I remember what's going to happen. So next year, I'm going to get a jab for that one instead.

And guess what?? Where I live summer is coming. We've got little buds on the trees and the spring flowers are all starting to pop up. And you know what else happens in summer?

Strawbelies! I love eating strawbelies so much. I eat them right off the plants. Nom, nom, nom. I can hardly wait for them to be ready.

Hey, here's a photo of me and my little brother Sam having a hug. Well, it's more Sam doing the hugging but I like it when he does that.

I'd better go now, it's time to clean the pool. Cleaning the pool is my favorite thing.

Lots of licky, lick kisses.


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