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The silly season is upon us!

The silly season is upon us! With it brings joy, fun, laughter, good food and great time spent with family. This is also a good time to look back at 2014 and reflect on the highs, the lows and areas you want to improve on for 2015. It is a great time to do this on behalf of your pet as well. Perhaps you could have exercised your dog more often. Perhaps you could have spent more time with your dog, playing or training them. Whatever the case may be, take a step back and have a look at how 2014 has been for you and your canine companion.

For Choco the year has been an excellent one. The year started out with some good weight loss and an improvement in his fitness and wellbeing thanks to a strict diet and ongoing monitoring of his activity and exercise via the Heyrex monitor. Utilising the collar and checking his daily activity graphs online were a real help in making a difference here, and keeping a close eye on his graphs for the rest of the year have ensured that he has remained at an appropriate maintenance weight. It also got me out and about, walking and exercising more frequently - in fact I even did a 100km walk back in April.

So - what are your big plans for 2015? For Choco and I, ongoing daily exercise will be the absolute minimum. Having more fun with each other every day is our new goal. Exercise is fantastic for health and mental stimulation, but play is also so important for keeping your dog stimulated and maintaining the bond you have with your pets. I hope to get Choco started in some fun canine activities. That might be a weekly trip to agility or flyball - or perhaps we will try to get in the water a bit more often.

Whatever you take from 2014, make sure you look forward to 2015 and create some achievable and realistic goals for both yourself and your dog. If your dog doesn’t have a Heyrex monitor yet, then what a great way to start 2015 and track your goals. Keeping a close eye on your dog’s daily activity and exercise is the best way to motivate you to continue to exercise them on a regular basis. If you already have the Heyrex monitor on your dog, don’t forget to login every day and track how your dog is doing. Use the daily diary feature and make the most of this wonderful set of tools.

Have a fantastic holiday period! Stay safe, have fun and don’t eat too much. Merry christmas and happy new year to you all.

See you in 2015,

Mark & Choco

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