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The Oxfam Trailwalker Event

Well – the Oxfam Trailwalker event is this weekend and the training has been going well! Choco has been fortunate enough to come along with me for most of my training walks here in Auckland and he has absolutely loved it. You can see that we are pretty active most of the day – just by looking at his activity graph. We are constantly on the move in preparation for the event, and having Choco’s support for this training has meant that he is back in top shape again!

Yes, that’s right! Choco is now at his goal weight and I am very proud to say he is looking excellent. With canine obesity now affecting roughly 55% of all dogs around the world, it really is important for dog owners to get to grips with this and to start doing something about it. Being aware of your dog’s weight and ‘body condition’ is so important and of course keeping a dog at his or her ideal weight means lots of regular exercise and appropriate feeding. In many ways, pet obesity is purely a human problem. If we fed our pets the correct amount or the correct, quality nutrition and exercised them sufficiently, then the sad 55% figure would be a LOT lower. 

Here’s to Choco for getting to his target weight, and here’s to both of us for training so hard!

Until next time,

Choco and Mark

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