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Our northern hemisphere friends begin to move into the colder months

As our northern hemisphere friends begin to move into the colder months of Autumn, Spring has finally sprung here in New Zealand. The days are getting longer and warmer here, and with this welcome change comes more opportunities to get out and about with Choco. The more exercise Choco gets, the more exercise I get, and having the Heyrex monitor on Choco really is a great tool to remind and encourage me to get out and about with him on a daily basis.

Over the past 12 months we have seen some really interesting and helpful data come from the Heyrex monitor. It has highlighted times when Choco has been particularly itchy, helped to get me to increase his exercise in order to get him to lose weight and identified days where he really wasn’t very active at all.

This month the monitor picked up on a night that Choco was particularly restless. This is the first time this has happened with Choco, and while I’m not completely sure what happened to cause this disturbance, the notification and data was a bit of a surprise to me!

On the night of the 30th of August, I was away for business, and Choco was being looked after by some house-sitters. Everything was fine, and typically Choco is very happy being alone, however from Choco’s data it seemed as though there was some sort of disturbance in the early hours of the morning.

I only know of this thanks to the notification I received the following morning from the Heyrex team:

After receiving the above email notification, I logged on to have a look as this was the first time I had ever received this notification from the team at Heyrex. Sure enough, upon logging in to the site and looking at the data, there was a relatively good period of time during the early morning were Choco wasn’t asleep:

As you can see from Choco’s data from the evening of the 30th August in to the early morning of the 31st August, Choco awake/restless for 3 main periods of the early morning and up and moving by 5am! He also spent a fair amount of time awake during this period as well, whereas he is typically in a deep sleep for the majority of the night when I am at home.

What caused this broken and restless night’s sleep is another story altogether, and I will  never know what happened! It could have been a thunder storm, a neighbor’s alarm repeatedly going off or something similar! Or maybe the house sitter was up all night watching scary movies with Choco by her side.

It really was interesting hearing from the Heyrex team and reading this data however, and I am thankful that there is a notification for the amount of sleep as well as the amount of daily scratching and activity as well! Having this Heyrex monitor on Choco really has been an eye opener, and even after 12 months, never ceases to amaze me.

More Heyrex insights next month!

See you then,

Mark & Choco

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