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A new year, a new you!

A new year, a new you! Happy New Year to you all, and welcome to 2015. I hope you and your furry companion had a safe and happy holiday. For Choco and I it was a relaxing break with family and friends. From my point of view, it did involve a lot of food, but there was also plenty of sun here in Auckland, so Choco and I were able to get out for a pretty decent walk almost every day of the break. I hope those of you in the northern hemisphere were also able to get your dog’s moving despite the cold weather!

With the New Year often come New Year’s resolutions. For Choco and I, this will be trying to beat last year’s activity levels using the innovative Heyrex graphs. Now that Choco’s activity levels have been recorded for over a year now, I can look back a year ago to see how much activity Choco did on a daily basis this time last year. From a veterinary point of view, it is also very helpful to be able to look back at the times Choco was the itchiest last year. I will certainly be keeping a close eye on this, and keeping Choco up to date with his parasite treatments and anal gland issues. As is always the case, the tricky times to try and keep your dog moving are the cold months of winter. There are plenty of ways to keep your dog moving other than taking them around the block in the rain however. Make sure you have a look for a canine agility course, obedience school, or indoor hydrotherapy centre in your town.

So what is the New Year’s resolution for your dog? Perhaps you want to keep your young dog as active as you always have. Maybe you want to try and do more careful exercise with your older arthritic dog. Or maybe you can copy Choco and I and just try and do more with your dog than you did last year. The Heyrex monitor makes measuring and achieving your New Year goals so much easier. Set yourself and your dog a target for the year and then break them down in to smaller short term goals along the way, utilising the Heyrex monitor to track your progress.

It would be great to hear your resolutions for 2015, or perhaps you have an achievement from 2014 you want to share. Let us know in time for next month’s blog!

Start thinking about your new year’s resolution!

Until next time,

Mark & Choco  

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