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The new HeyrexVet system is a fanatastic tool!

The new HeyrexVet system is a fanatastic tool! I have been using the new website for the last couple of weeks with Choco’s data, and it is a great way to really delve deeper in to the data that the HeyrexVet system collects on a daily basis. Veterinarians and Vet nurses have access to all of the data collected by the system, and graphs for activity (including the level of activity), sleep and rest as well as amount of scratching can all be searched and viewed for any time period. This is has all sort of exciting implications from a Veterinary point of view in being able to monitor certain behaviours, keep an eye on the amount of exercise (and rest) a dog is getting) and keep track of responses to certain medications (such as medications that help reduce itching/scratching episodes). The device hasn’t changed at all, and Choco is still absolutely happy to wear the Heyrex unit on his collar!

As a pet owner, it would be very reassuring knowing that the Heyrex device is just constantly gathering and storing data that is available for your Vet to see at any time. This can often help to diagnose certain issues, as well as to aid in the management and monitoring of other issues.

Take the pie chart below as one of things your Veterinarian gets to view:

This is Choco’s activity from Sunday June 1st. You can see that while he was resting and asleep for 12 hours out of 24, this was likely due to the long walk he had, as well as the games I played with him during the day! A massive 40% of the day (that’s nearly 10 hours) was spent undertaking ‘vigorous activity’. This is great for your Vet to see and can be useful in a number of situations. A day like this would be perfect for a dog that needs to get more active – and this is easily seen by your Vet. If a dog had surgery and was ordered to have strict rest however, then the Vet would know that he or she had in fact been very active! A great tool in either case, and is a good way to make sure we keep to our Vet’s orders as pet owners.

See you all next time,

Mark & Choco

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