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The most unexpected of unexpected of things has happened

The most unexpected of unexpected of things has happened. I have a new fur cousin. Aunty Bernie has gotten a puppy. The same Aunty Bernie that always says to me and Hugo ‘go away, you smell like dog’ and we’re like ‘but we are dogs, that’s how we are supposed to smell’.

So, my new cousin’s name is Audrey, like Audrey Hepburn. And she’s a little bit cute. Not quite as cute as me but maybe she’ll grow to be as cute as me. Nah, I’ll always be the cutest.

And the other day we got to met her at GrandMa’s place. She fell in love with Hugo, and kept wanting to play with him and he’s like ‘Meh, stop annoying me”. She played with me a little bit too. She was doing funny things like rolling over and over. Then she did wees on the carpet and walked away. And left the wees right next to where I was sitting. I was like ‘you better not pin that on me sister!’ And then Aunty Bernie came in and was like ‘Harriett, did you wee on the carpet?’ and I was like ‘Hell no, it was Audrey’. Then Aunty Bernie was like ‘Oh, Audrey you need to go wee wees outside, oh you’re so sweet, oh come to Mummy’ and me, Mum and GrandMa all looked at each other and couldn’t believe what we were hearing. And then Aunty Bernie cleaned up the wee and didn’t even complain about it. It’s like Audrey has turned her into a different person.

One of “those dog peeps” – that’s what Aunty Bernie has turned into. And I LOVE it. Cause now me and Hugo can go to her place and Mum won’t need to leave us on our leads when we’re inside her house. Because she’s a dog person now. Woot!!

And you know Ramona my kitten sister? She disappeared for like two days. She's normally a really good kitty and comes home when she's called or when she's hungry, or even when she just feels like a cuddle. Comes home just like that. But not this time. We looked everywhere for her. Mum even thought she'd gone to join Sophie in cat heaven, she was really upset. I did my best to make her feel better. You know, tried to distract her by asking for lots of cuddles and tummy tickles. Hugo was just being Hugo and just wanted food. I was like give Mum cuddles so she doesn't think about Ramona. And he was like but I'm hungry. And then just like that, at about 11 o’clock at night, she walked in through the window and wanted something to eat. Mum was like where on earth have you been? And she was like ‘I’ve been a little bit busy”. She didn’t even realise that she had been gone for that long. Mum didn’t stay very angry, she was just really grateful that she came home in one piece.

I’ve got a photo of me and Audrey at GrandMa’s place. The guy in the purple shirt is my Dad, he told Mum she wasn’t allowed to use this photo to show you, so she compromised and cut his head off – she forgot to ask him if it was OK though…

Anyways, I’ve gotta go. It’s time to help Mum put some IKEA drawers together. Putting IKEA anything together is my favouite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses, Harriett


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