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I've lost something really important

Hi everyone, it's me Harriett

I've lost something really important. It's my hearing. When Mum told me that she thought I'd lost my hearing, I went looking for it everywhere. Because I sleep on my side at night, I thought that maybe it had slipped out my ears, so I've checked the beds, the mattress and underneath the blankets, but it wasn't there. Then I remembered I was running around the paddock the other day, and because when I run my ears go up and down, I thought my hearing might have fallen out. But I couldn't see it down there. Then I thought we'd better go back to the beach for a look – I remember chasing some birds that were being annoying and my ears were flapping in the wind, so I thought the wind might have flicked my hearing out of my ears. But nope – my hearing wasn't on the beach either.

Mum said it’s not such a big deal, she just has to talk to me louder and when I'm looking at her I can hear a little bit. She uses arm signals when I'm a long way away. She's really funny sometimes. She just flaps her arms over her head and I've figured out that she needs me to come closer. And when she needs a hug or something, she just squats down on her feet and I come running really fast. Losing my hearing explains how Hugo was getting treats and I was missing out, ‘cause I couldn't hear Mum telling us it was treats time. She figured out something was wrong because I was missing out on treats and she knows how much I like them. But you know what she's been doing? She's been sneaking up behind me, and because I can't hear her foot prints, she's been grabbing my ribs and giving me big frights. At first I used to get such a fright I'd do little wees, but now I really like it – it makes me laugh. Hugs thinks it's hilarious. The upside is I'm having the best sleeps ‘cause I can't hear anything happening, so nothing is waking me up.

And you'll never guess in a million years what I did the other day. I did wees on my own foot. I never thought I could wee on my own foot, but I did. I was coming back down from helping Mum get the paper the other morning, and I was so focused on my job that I forgot to do wees on the way up the hill, so when I did wees on the way down, it trickled past my tummy and hit my foot. I was really annoyed at first, especially because everyone was laughing at me – even Lucy thought it was funny, and she's a real grumpy bum. But by the time I got back to the house, my foot was dry so it was all good. Don't tell anyone, but it is really funny to wee on your own foot.

And have I told you how much I love our Heyrex Torus water bowl? It's the best thing since sliced strawbillies. It keeps water coming out just like magic. No matter how much me or Hugs drinks, the water still keeps coming. And sometimes we take it in the car with us, ‘cause you can turn the water off. It's perfect. Here’s a photo of Hugs having a big drink. Wish Mum took a photo of all the water dripping off his face afterwards – he looks so funny.

Here's a photo of me & Hugs on the ride on mower, and those knees belong to Mum. It's been so much fun. And I've gotta go now, it's time to move the ride on. Moving the ride on is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses, Harriett 

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