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I’ve got some sad news

20_May_Blog_Photo.pngI’ve got some sad news. You know how last time I was all excited because there is a Hugo and Harriet in Austin, Texas. Well, Hugo in Texas died. He wasn’t sick or anything like that, but his Mum said that he ate some rat bait and got real sick real fast and the vets couldn’t do anything to save him. We were all really sad, well maybe not my Hugo, he doesn’t really get sad. But Mum and I were really sad. She keeps telling us we shouldn’t eat things we don’t recognise and now I can understand why. Just in case it’s really poisonous like rat bait.

Poor old Hugo in Texas. And poor old Harriet in Texas, and her Mum. They are sad, sad, sad. They’re going to get another dog, he won’t be called Hugo though. They’re just waiting for the right fit to come up at the homeless shelter for dogs. They’re really good like that, rescuing dogs from the shelter. Hugo and Harriet in Texas were both rescued from a shelter. And soon a new rescue will be able to see what I get up to in New Zealand. Although I’m sad, I’m excited about meeting a new friend on the other side of the world.

And you know how my Hugo had a sore leg that made him cry? Well, that’s all better. But now he’s got a sore on his nose. Mum had to take him to the vet again! And this time Steve said it was a boil. Yuck! He’s such a high maintenance dog. Mum said it’s because he’s a male and most males are high maintenance. I don’t quite get that, but I always just smile and nod when Mum says things. I like it when she thinks I understand what she’s saying. Mum didn’t notice anything at first, because his fur was covering it. But Heyrex sent Mum and email that Hugo was having restless nights again, so she started looking for things that could be making him restless at night, and then – wahlah – she found the sore on his nose. So he’s on pills - again! 

I’ve attached a photo of me and Hugo in the sun. It’s getting colder outside but the sun is still scrumptious and warm inside.

Anyway, I better go now. I’ve got to help Mum empty the pool filter because it’s chocker full with leaves. Emptying the pool filter is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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