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I’ve decided that I don’t really like winter

harriet_winter.jpgHi Everyone, it’s me, Harriett

I’ve decided that I don’t really like winter. I mean it’s really nice to snuggle with Mum on the sofa under a quilt. And it is really nice to sit in front of the fire. But the rain and wind makes my fur frizz. 

And this winter we’ve had two huge storms which meant we had no power. That makes Mum super grumpy because she can’t have a shower, so she had to go to the shop with bed head hair. She’s lucky she has to wear a hat otherwise she would have looked really frazzled.

And we had a massive surprise a couple of weeks ago. Holiday camp. YAY, HOLIDAY CAMP. It was so much fun seeing Camp Mother. Her real name is Paula, but she doesn’t mind when we call her Camp Mother. Hugo was much better this time too. He only cried for ½ a day. And he really liked his walks in the forest, last time he just sat by the gate and waited for us to get back.  The kittens, Lucy and Ramona and Sunset Sam, get to go to holiday camp as well, but we don’t see the each other, but when we go for walks we get to chat. On the first day Ramona told me that her and Lucy weren’t really enjoying themselves, but Sunset Sam was in heaven, apparently there was oodles of food and food makes Sunset Sam very happy. This time Camp Mother couldn’t cuddle us as much as usual because a big nasty dog knocked her over and cracked one of her ribs, so she was a bit sore. And when we first got there, there was a really annoying yappy dog, she had so much to say about nothing. Boy, what a bore she was. Anyway, her humans picked her up at the end of our first day, so we got Camp Mother to ourselves for a few days.

Even though I love holiday camp, Mum and Dad picking us up to take us home was the bestest day of the whole week.

You should have seen how much activity we did when we were at holiday camp. As soon as we got home, Heyrex magically updated all of our information. And then it started sending Mum emails saying how busy we had both been. That’s the good thing with Heyrex, even if you’re not home, it just stores all your activity until your home again. Like I said – magic. And Hugo is sleeping all night again, so he must be feeling much, much better. Which means he’s more annoying during the day, but I don’t mind too much.  I sort of missed the annoying him when he was feeling poorly.

Mum took a photo of me curled up in one of her quilts, I thought you might like to see how snuggly I can get.

Any-hoo, I’ve got to go now. It’s time to fill up some buckets with water in case we have another power cut. Filling up the buckets is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky, lick kisses.


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