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It’s another 5 weeks down

It’s another 5 weeks down, and Tui is continuing to improve on the hind limb he had cruciate surgery on. Tui’s exercise regime after his operation has gone from strict leash walking to the toilet, to strict short leash walks, to slowly increasing the amount and type of exercise, all the way to the point where now Tui can run off leash. Throughout this post-operative period, Tui has been fantastic and very well behaved. The nature of this exercise recovery plan, means that Tui is less likely to damage his other knee while the first knee heals, and to also ensure he doesn’t put excessive weight on the healing knee, as this could cause the surgical ligament to fail!

Tui’s first full day of normal exercise was the 7th of June a couple of weeks ago. Being off leash, Tui could do as much or as little running around as he saw fit, and boy did he make the most of the day. As you can see from the graph below, the 7th of June was an extremely active day for Tui, in fact more active than ever before:

As you can see, Tui had a very full on day and was extremely active the majority of the day, but particularly so between 7am and 6pm! This included a lot of time at the beach from 10am – 2pm, and we can see that he spent a bit of time walking, running and jogging during this time. It is also interesting to note that Tui has still be a little restless overnight, with some activity between midnight and 7am.

Overall, Tui is doing fantastically well all thanks to his surgeon and his owner Ben, who has been very careful with the exercise regime. The Heyrex monitor has been absolutely invaluable to keep a track on exactly how much activity Tui has been doing during this period.

Tui continues to be very grateful to his cousin Choco who gifted Tui his Heyrex monitor for this recovery period.


Until next time,

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