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I think it's time to go and see Jane for a fur cut.

Hi everyone, it's me, Harriett

I think it's time to go and see Jane for a fur cut. My harness is getting a little bit too tight. I reckon once my furs are all trimmed it'll fit again. I don't think it's got anything to do with this thing I've started doing.

Mum calls it chipmunking. I tried to google it because I don't think it's a real thing. Mum said it’s not on google yet because I might be the first dog in the world to do it.

You see, when me and Hugo get our dinner he gets a bit more than me and I don't think that's very fair. So, I grab his tripe cubes and hold them in my cheeks for eating when I've finished mine. It does make it a bit tricky to eat my ones, but I can still make it work.

Mum discovered it when she wondered why my cheeks were sticking out when I was eating. Mum was a bit growly, but because she had laughing eyes, I could tell she was really OK with it. Mum always has laughing eyes when I do funny things. You see chipmunks store food in their cheeks, cause that's how they were born. That's how Mum came up with the name – chipmunking. She said she wondered why I was starting to get a bit porky. I’m pretty sure it's just because I've gotta get a fur cut.

That brother of mine, Sam, is in a bit of trouble. He keeps picking on Lucy and making her angry. He sometimes just has to walk into the room and Lucy gets angry. At first I thought Lucy was just showing Sam how she's lost a few teeth. Because my hearing is still missing, I couldn’t hear all the hissing sounds Lucy was making. All I could see was her lips pulled back and her mouth open. I told Mum and she thought that was really funny. She said Sam’s just a big rat bag and likes teasing the girls. When he teases Ramona, she just bashes him on the noggin, that makes him run a mile. Ramona is so brave, even though she's the second youngest of all us furs, she rules the house. She sticks up for Lucy if Sam’s being too annoying. But sometimes she picks on Lucy a little bit too. She said Lucy’s an easy target.

Because of all this teasing going on, Lucy’s found a new spot to sleep. It's on the dining table on top of the round placemats. She curls herself up so she fits perfectly, just like a circle. Only her ears don't fit, it's really cute. Here's a photo so you can see what I'm talking about.

Hey, we went for a drive to this little tiny beach up north the other day. Just me and Hugo and Mum and Dad. It was really nice weather and such a fun day. We had fish n chips on the beach and an icecream in a cone. Mum put our Torus water bowl in the car so we could have a drink of water whenever we felt like it. I mean how handy is it to have a water bowl that has a tap that turns the water on and off. It's like magic. I just love my Torus water bowl. I think it's my favorite thing.

Anyway, I’d better go now. It's time to help Mum feed the goats. Feeding the goats is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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