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I had to do a very important job for Mum

Hi everyone, it’s me, Harriett

I had to do a very important job for Mum the other day. She’s so busy with the shop and she was getting ready to go away on business and she was running out of time to book all of us into Holiday Camp, so she got me to do it.

Yep, I had to email Camp Mother all by myself and get us all booked in. It’s a big responsibility you know. I had to make sure that all the vaccinations were up to date and everything. And I had to keep it a secret from Hugo because he just gets too upset when we go to holiday camp.

And Camp Mother emailed me back. She knows how good I am at writing and stuff, but I don’t get very many emails addressed just to me, so that was really exciting.

And you’ll never guess in a million years what I’m about to tell ya. I think this is a first. But none of us had to go and see Peta our family vet since I had my very bad SBS episode. That’s like almost 6 weeks with no vet visits, Mum said it’s good for the bank balance.  But we do need to go soon, Hugo’s arthritis injection is due so we’ll probably go next week.

And speaking of Hugo, he’s been sleeping much better at night. I’ve attached a photo of his Heyrex data so you can see how good he’s been, and when he sleeps well, it’s good for all of us. He can be so annoying sometimes.

I’d better go know, Mum said we’re going for a drive in the car. Going for drives is my favourite thing. And I can hardly wait to go to holiday camp, I’ll tell ya all about it next time.

Lots of licky lick kisses.


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