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Hugo’s got a new nickname.

hugo.jpgHey everyone, it’s me, Harriett

Hugo’s got a new nickname. He’s usually Sir Dumpalot, because he’s always doing massive big poohs. But at the moment, Mum’s calling him Sir Scratchalot, because he’s always scratching.  He scratches here, he scratches there, he scratches everywhere. And Heyrex are sending Mum emails telling her that he’s been having restless nights. I could have told her that myself, because he’s keeping me awake too.

You know this has happened before, but that was when he had a skin infection. This time there seems to be no reason for it. Mum can’t find any fleas on him, and there’s no itchy scratchy skin patches.  So, Mum’s now starting to think that maybe he’s got SBS again (you know – Sore Butt Syndrome). Lucky for us we’ve got to go to see Peta our family vet tomorrow for Hugo’s arthritis injection, so she’ll have a look at his butt to see if anything is funny down there. Lucky Peta.

Oh, and some sad news. Our Aunty Smiler has gone to heaven. She was Grandma and Poppy’s fur baby. That made her Mum’s fur sister. She had bad arthritis like Hugo, but she started finding it really hard to get out of bed – like harder than normal. And she wasn’t really playful and funny like she normally is, so Grandma and Poppy took her to the vets and they discovered she had a kidney problem. A really bad kidney problem. They kept her in hospital for two days, and then sent her home so we could all say goodbye. I told her that Heaven must be a good place, because I know a few peeps that have gone there and they are really nice people. Plus, my cat sister Sophie went there last year, and she was nice when she felt like it. All of us girls cried when Aunty Smiler went. Hugo didn’t, he was like meh! He said he was sad because he used to like hunting for rabbits with Aunty Smiler, but he didn’t think it was worth crying. Boys!

I thought you might want to see a photo of Sam trying to sleep on the cat tower. His butt is so big now, he doesn’t quite fit.

Anyway, I’ve got to go now. We off to pick up a new coffee table.  New coffee tables are my favourite thing.

Lots of licky, lick kisses


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