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Choco has been a very well behaved chap

Choco has been a very well behaved chap over the last month and we continue to exercise him daily to keep him nice and trim! Over the last couple of months Choco had been excellent on the scratching front. Compared to last April (2013), Choco’s scratching was minimal - that was at least until around the 20th of April.

After taking Choco out for a walk to a park up the road, we returned home and within 10 – 15 minutes he began to madly scratch at his ears. Being a Vet, I was able to have a look straight away and found a number of small insects on the inside of his ears along with multiple small bites. These were very irritating and itchy for Choco, but after carefully removing the small bugs and gently wiping his ears with some warm water he settled a bit. Over the next week however, he kept on scratching at his ears. Ultimately I needed to get Choco in a very fancy e-collar cone to stop him from scratching at his ears and causing any further damage, as well as some topical ear medication.

Below you can see the dramatic increase in scratching from the day Choco first had the ear issue (20th April). With the treatment I have arranged for him, he has already settled a bit, but there is still a way to go! This really is a testament to how accurately the Heyrex monitor measures these conditions. The Heyrex website also allows me to keep a diary of what happens on a day to day basis with Choco. This is proving to be very helpful as I look back to his data from this time last year.


Until next time,

Mark & Choco

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