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Choco has been groomed!

hairychoco.jpgChoco has been groomed! You can see in the attached picture just how hairy he got! Needless to say - the grooming did the trick and he has been much happier, even MORE active, and scratching MUCH less since then. Just a simple thing like excessive hair can cause a change in readings from the Heyrex monitor - it really is so sensitive. I'm sure I will get another notification from the Heyrex team when Choco's long brown locks return.

Choco and I continue on our long walks down to the beach, and he continues to lose weight, and have an increased energy and activity level. I too have lost a little weight and feel a lot more energised and motivated to move. In fact - I have made the exciting decision to take part in the important fundraising event the 'Oxfam Trailwalker'. This is a 100km walk (for humans only!) to raise funds for Oxfam in order to challenge poverty. This really will be one of the biggest challenges of my life! If you want to support my team, please do log on to: http://www.oxfamtrailwalker.org.nz/otw14/teams/first-timers/ - any support is very much appreciated. The event isn't until April, and until then Choco is my training partner. We can likely expect to see that we both lose even a little more weight, and become even more active as the training increases! Of course, I won't allow him to travel more than 5km at a time, as he isn't a big boy, and that is more than enough for one session for him. But I will also likely see his fitness level increase, which will likely coincide with an increased activity level compared to the last couple of months.

Stay tuned as we train.

Thank you for your support.

Choco and Mark

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