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Choco continues to wear his new Heyrex V2 monitor with pride!

Choco continues to wear his new Heyrex V2 monitor with pride! As one of the first dogs in the world to wear this exciting new piece of technology, I also feel quite special to be able to utilise the monitor, as well as gain the extra knowledge on Choco’s lifestyle thanks to the data collected by the monitor. There have been a lot of interesting bits of data pop up over these last few weeks. In fact, not only are the monitor and graphs on the Heyrex website both new, but there is also an exciting new notification feature. Whenever Choco has a day with significantly increased or decreased activity, rest or scratching, I get an email notifying me of this. It really is fantastic.

Another new feature of the new monitor is that is can measure the temperature your dog is experiencing! So, if your dog is outside in the cold, the monitor will measure the temperatures your dog is being exposed to, and if it is too cold, or too hot, you get sent an email notifying you. This could be so important, and potentially even life saving for your furry friend.

Choco’s ‘Experitential Temperature’ graph is below:

You can see that during the evening while he was in the warm house and asleep, that the temperature around him was pretty steady at 30 C (86 F). When he got up with me at 6:30am and began to venture outside a bit more, the temperatures he was experiencing dipped back down again. By 8pm, Choco was mainly inside and warm again!

This is an amazing addition to the capabilities of the Heyrex monitor, and it really is so good having this extra data. You can log in at any time to see what your dog has been doing while you are out, what temperatures he or she has been exposed to, how much scratching he or she has been doing, and how much rest and sleep she has been getting.

I look forward to giving you all an update in a couple of weeks time!

See you all next time,

Mark & Choco

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