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The. Best. News. Ever.

23-1-Harriett-Blog-Best-News-Ever.jpgHi Uncle Bud,

It’s me, Harriett

The. Best. News. Ever.

Christmas does happen every year. At the same time! So that means just like birthdays, every year I’m going to get Christmas presents and get to see all the people I love.

And boy, did I score big this Christmas. Mum made me a new going out monitor and it is so pretty. My mum is really clever and makes things for people all the time. You know she made mine and Hugo’s blankets for our beds, but this is the first time she has made me something extra special to wear. And I got a cardboard tube to chew on. I love chewing on cardboard so much, and I got some extra special food treats. And Mum let me chew the paper that my presents came in. That is so much fun. Hugo’s present was a special walking shoe for his sore foot. Mum made that as well. It’s really good, it’s got padding right where his foot gets sore and Mum made it in a colour that wouldn’t show up too much, because she knows Hugo gets a bit embarrassed about that sort of thing. It’s got leather on the outside to make it last ages. And Hugo really likes it because it means that when he goes for a walk his foot doesn’t get all cut up. And he got a blue egg carton to chew on. I was a bit jealous of the blue egg carton, but Hugo ate it really fast and it was gone even before Grandma and Poppy came over. So then I wasn’t so jealous anymore, because I still had my cardboard tube.

And at lunchtime all my cousins and Aunties and Uncles came over, and Grandma and Poppy. I just love it so much when everyone comes over. And my cousins gave me and Hugo leftovers off their plates. That is really, really nice of them.

But you know the best thing about Christmas? It means that Dad stays home from work and Mum doesn’t have to go into the shop. They get to stay home for a few days. And I loved that more than the presents.

Hey, guess what Mum forgot to do? She forgot to give us our flea stuff, and Hugo and I were scratching and scratching, but because Mum was so busy with the shop and Christmas and stuff, she just forgot all about it. But our Heyrex monitor came to the rescue. Heyrex sent Mum an email to let her know we were scratching too much, and that made her remember. Thank goodness for Heyrex is what Mum said when she got those emails.

Here’s a photo of Hugo and Sunset Sam. Sunset Sam loves Hugo sooooo much, I wish you could hear him purring in the photo. He has to always be near Hugo and hug Hugo and smooch Hugo. Hugo told me it’s a bit annoying, but I think he secretly loves it. Otherwise he wouldn’t put up with it would he?

Anyway, I’ve gotta go now. It’s time to help Mum pull all the weeds out of the new garden. Pulling out weeds is my favourite thing.

Lots of licky lick kisses


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