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All has been fine over the last couple of weeks with Choco.

All has been fine over the last couple of weeks with Choco. We continue to tread the pavement each day together despite the cold winter we are having here in New Zealand. It is very easy to be tempted to stay inside on the couch, in front of the fire, with a nice hot chocolate, but regular activity really is so important for both Choco and I, that I make the effort to take him out at least once a day. I know I have done a good job of keeping him active in a day when the Heyrex team send me an email to notify me that Choco has been busier than normal.

This notification tool is really handy and helps me ensure I am exercising Choco sufficiently. I will also get a notification if Choco is scratching more than usual, or even if Choco seems to be in an area that is extra hot. As the weeks move on, I am also able to keep a track of Choco’s activity compared to previous weeks. This excellent new feature compares the amount of running, walking, sleeping and scratching Choco has done over a period of up to a year, so I am sure there will be a lot of really good data pop up over the next few months.

From this graph, you can see that most of Choco’s activities have been pretty constant over the last 5 weeks. His scratching in particular has remained pretty low at only around 12 minutes per day. Last summer Choco’s scratching really increased, likely due to a combination of an increased prevalence of fleas, and possibly an environmental allergy to grasses. It will be very interesting to keep an eye on the weekly average during summer for this time. I have a feeling there might be a dramatic increase seen on the graph, but that will also help me to manage any issue he does have.

All in all, this new Heyrex V2 monitor is proving to be a really useful tool for me as a pet owner with Choco, and I can also see the far reaching benefits for veterinarians around the world having access to a full outline of a dog’s day to day activities.

Until next time!

Mark & Choco 

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