How to Protect Your Dog During Tick Season

How to Protect Your Dog During Tick Season

Now that we’ve made it to summer, we have something else we have to contend with besides the heat and humidity: ticks.

Ticks aren’t found everywhere. They thrive in the Mid-Atlantic states, living in the same woods as the mice, birds and deer that the ticks use as hosts. They also like to hide in overgrown grass, leaves and low brush, and can easily attach to you or your pet when you walk through it.

We had a chat with Dr. Elizabeth Shines about how to best take care of your dog if you live in an area overrun with ticks. 

Dr. Shines, who has worked with The Pet Insight Project for two years, has been in small animal practice for over a decade. “I have a love for all pets, have fostered and found homes for 32 kittens, and I have a soft spot for bully breeds. I enjoy educating pet parents about the importance of preventative care, nutrition, and I have a special interest in the health management of senior pets.” Dr. Shines has a house full of pets herself: a ‘tripawd’ miniature poodle (Leo), a German Shepherd mix (Addie), two cats (Newton and Middleton), and a pair of chickens.

Read on to see what advice Dr. Shines has when it comes to your pets and ticks.

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