Q. How do I set up my new Heyrex system?

Firstly set up your Heyrex monitoring service

1. Locate an email from CustomerSupport (support@heyrex.com) in your inbox.
This will have instructions for setting a password for your Heyrex account.

2. Click the link in the email and set a password.

3. Sign in to www.heyrex.com

4. Setup your Heyrex receiver.

Now set up your Heyrex hardware

1. Connect the white network cable into a spare LAN socket on your router/broadband modem using the Heyrex cable provided.

2. Insert the other end of the cable into the Heyrex receiver network socket.

3. Plug the receiver power adapter into a wall outlet.

4. Put the other end of the power cable into the end of the receiver unit.

During start up, the blue light will flash repeatedly, then the green light. Once the green light turns on (and stays on), your setup is complete.

Setting up the Heyrex receiver


To download the Heyrex setup as a PDF click here

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