Q. My broadband router is in a part of the house my dog never visits. Is there any way to move the Heyrex receiver to somewhere my dog spends more time?

In order to work, the Heyrex receiver needs to be plugged into a broadband router that’s connected to the internet.

However, there are several options you can consider should you need to reposition the Heyrex receiver further away from your router.

For example, your broadband router may be in your home office on the lower ground level but your dog spends most time on the upstairs level. If this is the case, you can purchase a longer network cable from any electronics or computer store and run this cable to where you want the Heyrex receiver to be. You could also purchase a wireless network range expander from any electronics or computer store.

Another option is to purchase an ethernet-over-power adaptor that will allow you to plug the Heyrex receiver in somewhere else. Please note that in order for this to work, the power point you plan to use must be on the same circuit as your broadband router.

If you have a wireless router you can purchase a piece of equipment that acts as a wireless cable and will allow you to move the Heyrex receiver to somewhere away from the router.

Heyrex recommends the PicoStation 2 from Ubiquiti Networks (requires initial set-up).

Setting up the Heyrex receiver

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